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Will housing be built at People’s Park?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Environmental Law

Public housing has long been a hot-button issue for residents of California. This even applies to campuses all across the state. The latest controversy is taking place at UC Berkeley. The California Supreme Court is now being called upon to decide whether a highly contentious student and supportive housing project can move forward.

A highly controversial project may move forward

Many advocates of environmental law policies are opposed to this possible decision. The project is built on park land that many residents would greatly prefer to preserve. These residents are backed by organizations like the People’s Park Historic District Advocacy Group.

However, with the recent decision by the Supreme Court to hear the case, progress may be on again. This would result in a new development that features 1,100 student beds as well as a 100-bed supportive housing project. If completed, the plan would amount to a very real source of relief for a university campus that is much plagued by overcrowding.

Opposition to the plan may stall progress

This is not the first time that projects in the state have been stalled due to serious environmental concerns. Advocacy groups have managed to do so in other areas. They have also forced developers to alter their plans to address issues that have been raised. Nonetheless, the University believes that it has the right to act as a legitimate landowner and developer in this matter.

Construction at the site has been at a standstill since the summer of last year. Protests and various forms of legal wrangling have become the norm. The recent decision by the Supreme Court has given new hope to advocates of the project. What further precedent this may set for environmental law cases remains to be seen.