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Preventing common causes of water supply contamination

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Environmental Law

Clean water is a precious natural resource and unfortunately, toxic chemicals can end up in the water supply, putting people and businesses at risk.

Water supply contamination

There are many ways toxic chemicals can contaminate the water supply. Various industries can purposely or accidentally release wastewater containing chemicals, solvents, and heavy metals into rivers and lakes. Such spills can release hazardous substances into streams and reservoirs, and threaten the safety of drinking water.

Common cleaning chemicals and paint can also pose a hazard to the water supply if they are not properly disposed of.
In addition, water contamination can happen when water distribution systems are not properly maintained, causing lead, asbestos and other toxins to pollute the water.

Preventing contamination

Businesses can prevent contamination of the water supply with regulatory measures, proper waste disposal and effective water treatment systems. It’s also important to regularly monitor the water quality to ensure it meets safety standards. Businesses that fail to comply with regulatory requirements can face fines and other penalties, including reputational harm.

It’s helpful for businesses to minimize their waste, focus on proper handling and storage of toxic chemicals, and to develop pollution prevention plans. There are also industry groups that can help businesses understand their environmental responsibilities and discuss best practices.

Finally, if a business does accidentally contaminate the water supply, it’s important to have an emergency response plan in place to mitigate the risk of further harm. If a business needs help to address water contamination, there is help available.