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How toxic chemicals can contaminate water supply

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Environmental Law

Like humans, many industries rely on water. In fact, countless food, cleaning and other essential products would not exist without it. When traces of toxic chemicals enter the water supply chain, it is often a problem for consumers and businesses.

It is essential for businesses creating toxic chemicals to follow all regulation that protect the water supply. Businesses that do not comply or may be negligent in their responsibilities could find themselves facing regulatory problems.

Common pathways of contamination

Many everyday products and industrial processes can introduce harmful chemicals into the water system, including:

  • Industrial discharge from manufacturing facilities
  • Agricultural runoff from pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers
  • Legacy contaminants from past industrial practices
  • Emerging pollutants such as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

Water contamination can lead to diarrhea, skin illnesses and other health problems. Thankfully, California has strict regulations to protect public health and the environment. These laws limit the use and disposal of harmful chemicals. As a business, staying informed about these regulations is crucial. Compliance, as always, is the key when it comes to environmental laws.

Keeping your business and water supply safe

There are steps you can take to advocate for clean, safe water. Make sure that you source with care, promote sustainable practices and implement a hazardous waste management plan. The alternative could lead to hefty fines and penalties. More importantly, your reputation as a business and the consumer trust are at stake.

In every aspect of your business, having a knowledgeable attorney in environmental laws can be helpful. They can help ensure you follow all regulations and minimize potential liability if facing legal problems.