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Insurance Law

How umbrella or excess coverage may help a business

Many San Diego area businesses will work with insurance agents to build up an insurance coverage plan that will prevent financial ruin if the unexpected happens. After all, despite their best efforts, many business do wind up getting sued for things like negligence, premises liability, product liability and even complicated matters related to environmental cleanups. These lawsuits of course are…

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Prepare your business for insurance claims

If there is legal claim against your business, you must contend with the party filing the claim and, perhaps unexpectantly, your insurance adjustor and carrier. But there are steps that your business can take to preserve its insurance law rights. Process The insured is responsible for reporting, reconstruction response and the documentation and presentation of a claim against a commercial…

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Overview of directors and officers insurance coverage

Many Southern California businesses, particularly those which are mid-sized or larger enterprises, will likely consider purchasing directors and officers, or D & O, insurance coverage. Likewise, sizeable not-for-profit organizations also may want to have this coverage in place. Basically, D & O coverage can meet three separate insurance needs. First, the insurance can cover the officer or director herself if…

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Do you need business interruption insurance?

Every business should have some kind of insurance, including property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. One type of insurance that many small business owners oftentimes neglect is business interruption insurance. However, this type of insurance benefits most businesses. It is important to understand what business interruption insurance is, what it covers and what it does not cover. What…

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What are “bad faith” actions on the part of insurance companies?

As a business owner, you rely on your insurance policy to protect both your business and your employees. While your insurance company has a duty to you as a policyholder, though, they may not always uphold their end of the agreement. This failure to uphold their obligations to you can impact your business’s profits and long-term viability. Identifying when a…

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Insurance companies who don’t act in good faith must be stopped

Businesses that purchase insurance expect that they will reap these benefits when they need them, as long as those are in line with the policy. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the way that the situation will work out. There are times when insurance companies won’t operate in good faith, which means that the businesses might not reap the policy benefits when…

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