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DISH Network fined millions for improper hazardous waste disposal

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Environmental Law

Far too many businesses in California underestimate the importance of abiding by hazardous waste disposal laws. This is especially problematic because once regulators catch the violations, they’ve usually been going on for a significant period of time. As a result, the penalties that are imposed can be significant, causing substantial damage to the business in question.

DISH Network faces massive penalties

To see an example of this, you need look no further than a recent settlement in a hazardous waste disposal dispute involving DISH Network. There, the company agreed to pay $5.5 million after it was discovered that the business had been sending hazardous waste to landfills that were unequipped to handle those materials. Officials indicated that the waste in question included batteries, electronic devices, transformers, power adapters, and aerosols.

DISH Network officials indicated that they became aware of the violations in 2012 and quickly took corrective action, but by then the damage had already been done. Now in addition to paying millions in penalties, the company will be forced to adhere to new practices that include inspections of dumpsters to ensure they don’t contain hazardous waste, independent audits of all of its facilities, and additional training for employees.

What this case means for you

This case is just one of many involving inappropriate disposal of hazardous waste, and it illustrates what’s at risk when seemingly minor decisions fly in the face of laws and regulations.

Therefore, if your business deals with hazardous waste, then you need to ensure that you have practices and policies in place that protect you from the reach or prosecutors and regulators. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to protect your interests in that regard, then now is the time to reach out to a law firm that you trust to handle these matters.