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The False Claims Act And Qui Tam

If a business defrauds the U.S. government and a person offers key pieces of information to the government regarding this fraud, that person is known as a whistleblower. If found to knowingly make or cause others to make a false claim for payment to the government, the business or individual is liable for civil penalties.

Qui tam law differs from other lawsuits because the person who brings the claim against a business is not the person who was purportedly harmed. Typically, it is a private party, called a relator, who seeks compensation by coming forward with information that a false claim for payment was made to the government. Such claims could be detrimental to a business’s financial position or public image irrespective of whether they are truthful or not.

Protecting Your Business: Effective Qui Tam Defense

False Claims Act (FCA) or “Qui Tam” lawsuits are on the rise. At Tropea McMillan, LLP, we serve small and mid-sized businesses in qui tam and FCA defense. As a qui tam and False Claims Act (FCA) firm, we defend companies and individuals against retaliation lawsuits pursued by former employees and competitors. We are skilled in high-stakes litigation and have attained a high level of success for our clients in these and related matters. We work diligently and strategically to resolve any claim in the most favorable possible terms at the earliest possible stage. In some cases, it can be proven the liability must be borne by an insurance company or another third-party defendant. In every case, our team will litigate vigorously to minimize any liability or damage to our client.

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