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Resolving Insurance Coverage Problems In California

Most businesses and households depend on insurance coverage of many kinds. Accidents happen all the time, however, and an insurer’s decision to deny coverage on a liability claim can put you or your company into bankruptcy. To make sure that you get the full value out of your insurance policy, contact an attorney at Tropea McMillan, LLP.

We advise clients and resolve insurance policy coverage disputes on both liability and casualty claims. Whether you need to recover your own losses or need to defend your interests against a claim brought by someone else, knowing whether you can depend upon your insurance coverage is the starting point for developing effective negotiation or trial strategies.

We Review Your Insurance Coverage And Advise You Accordingly

Businesses and homeowners depend on Tropea McMillan, LLP, to review and interpret their coverage for reliable advice about the applicability of a coverage condition, the scope of an exclusion, the effect of deductibles, or the meaning of such loaded terms as “event” — will a series of losses related to a particular accident count as a single event, or will deductibles or policy limits apply separately to each of them? These issues can be of particular importance with respect to environmental claims.

Our ability to frame the issues and discuss them with your insurer in terms of the legal meaning of its own policy language can give you a distinct advantage in realizing the full value of your insurance coverage.

Whether your insurance problem involves coverage under an environmental policy, commercial general liability insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy, we can help you avoid litigation with your own insurer over denied claims through early intervention and productive negotiation. Even if your claim for coverage has already been denied, our attorneys might be able to get you the full benefit of your coverage.

Learn How We Can Assist You

For further information about our ability to protect your interests in insurance coverage disputes, contact us at Tropea McMillan, LLP, online or by calling at 866-780-4903.