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The BKK Landfill Remediation

One of the most major remediation efforts to hit southern California is the BKK Corporation Landfill clean-up. This site’s legal and logistical history goes back to 2003, with the initial complaint filed in court as early as 2005. The still ongoing investigation will have far-reaching consequences for companies today.

At Tropea McMillan, LLP, we have extensive experience in protecting business clients in regulatory matters. We have defended clients in CERCLA issues, and we understand these complicated federal and local laws. From San Diego and all over California, we’re ready to help businesses facing litigation related to the BKK Landfill.

A Brief History

In 2003, BKK Corporation sent a notice to the state informing them that their landfill emitted certain carcinogenic chemicals. Since that time, there have been sanctions and lawsuits filed against BKK and other sites around the area.

Now, with CERCLA and prop 65 complaints fully in action, the site is no longer active, and communities are searching for answers. We will likely see many companies being implicated in the area for activity leading to chemical contamination.

What Will Happen With My Business?

It’s important to realize the Superfund law is a federal law that provides funds for mitigating toxic waste. It assigns a portion of the clean-up funding to the state where the clean-up must occur. To offset these costs, California pursues companies that may be liable for the toxic contamination.

As the BKK sites in question are landfills, many companies may have had a hand in the contamination. Many places may have – knowingly or not – disposed off the carcinogenic material. Now, the government will investigate target companies to recover.

If You Are Contacted About BKK, Call Us

The BKK is a long-term project, but your company may still have liability for actions taken even back in 2003. If you become a target of the legal efforts, you cannot simply wish away the problem. You need legal help that can move quickly and answer your questions and protect your priorities.

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