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Understanding hazardous waste disposal in San Diego

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Environmental Law

San Diego businesses dealing with hazardous materials have a litany of rules and regulations they must adhere to in avoiding being sanctioned, facing lawsuits and having their entire existence threatened. Those that deal with hazardous materials are required to handle and dispose of those materials in certain ways to ensure the environment is not negatively impacted. Knowing how to properly dispose of hazardous waste is imperative, but so too is it vital to understand violations and how to dispute them.

Key points about hazardous waste

Any business that generates hazardous waste must know how to store, transport and dispose of it. This is to address any toxic effects, how it might react, and if it could ignite or is corrosive. Businesses can vary in how much hazardous waste they generate. When disposing of hazardous waste, there are locations where it must be treated, stored and disposed of.

There are specific types of waste transporters that must be used. The generator of the waste is legally responsible for it. Therefore, it must be tracked and manifested. Small businesses have the option of a tailored program based on how much they generate. When there is a violation, there are dispute procedures if the business believes it handled the waste appropriately. If there is evidence that shows the violation did not take place or the act did not break the law, there are avenues to overturn the violation and avoid the ramifications. If, for example, the material was not hazardous or the regulations were followed, this could be an effective strategy to fight the violation.

Adhering to environmental law and fighting allegations of wrongdoing requires help

A business that handles hazardous waste might automatically be viewed negatively by people who want to protect the environment even if that business complies with all the rules. Being cited for any type of environmental law violation related to hazardous waste can be costly in myriad ways. These businesses should be fully up to date on the law to dispose of it and with ways to fight allegations of having violated the law. The penalties can be severe. To understand the law, comply with it and formulate a viable defense against damaging violations, it is important to have legal protection.