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Expert testimony in environmental actions

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Environmental Law

Identifying and using expert testimony can be the key to a successful case or response to environmental order. In environmental cases, a qualified expert can identify commonly used chemicals, link them to sources of contamination, and offer opinions as to their source, use and costs for cleanup.  Experts can collaborate with agencies and compliance officers to reduce the costs of cleanups.

Examples of Expert Testimony

For example, experts are uniquely qualified for identifying a “hazardous substance” which was released or a threatened release in a CERCLA case.  In fact, experts can identify chemicals used as solvents or dirty solvents that were historically used in operations such as manufacturing, junk yards, and dry cleaners including perchloroethylene and its byproducts. Similar issues are present in responding to notices of violation and investigation orders for soil and water contamination.

Attorneys And Experts Work Together

Every client faces challenges to minimize cost and maximize efficiency in responding to and cleaning up environmental pollution. Experienced attorneys know when and who to use as environmental experts to maximize the chances of success.  If you or your business is named as a responsible party, attorneys at Tropea McMillan can help to identify the best uses of expert testimony.