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Can California’s laws solve the global warming crisis?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Environmental Law

Environmental issues are of great concern to the residents of California. California has been at the forefront of amending the law to help bring down carbon emissions and to eliminate pollution. Still, better coordination from all US states would make an even bigger difference in fighting climate change and saving the environment.

California environmental laws

The California legislature has successfully passed many environmental laws over the years to lower emissions and stave off global warming. Examples include laws that order:

  • The development of offshore wind
  • The banning of toxic chemicals in food packaging
  • The cleanup of abandoned gas and oil wells
  • Studies to determine methods for removing carbon dioxide from the air
  • An increase in renewable energy sources to power electricity
  • The reaching of net zero greenhouse gases by the year 2045
  • Environmental concerns to be part of every state agency’s decision-making process
  • The creation of buffer zones between houses and new gas and oil wells

The need for more coordination

California has made many great strides in environmental law. Sadly, the efforts of California do not exist in a vacuum. Preventing climate change will require coordination with all the other 49 states. Pollution from other states can certainly affect California. The same can be said of other nations. Convincing other countries with serious pollution issues like China to do their fair share is key to ensuring a global warming-free future.

Regarding environmental law, California is by far the most innovative and advanced among the 50 states. However, California can not achieve the goal of defeating climate change and pollution alone. Instead, other states and foreign countries must coordinate with California to help save the earth for future generations.