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What does commercial general liability insurance cover?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Insurance Law

There are many aspects of running a business in San Diego area beyond simply selling products or providing services. That is obviously the main focus of businesses, but in order to accomplish their goals, they will need employees, office or retail space, marketing and advertisement and will need to deal with other aspects as well. Managing these other aspects is important because they can create additional problems for business owners that can hurt the business.

Employees can be negligent and cause damage to the building. Customers could hurt themselves on dangerous conditions on the businesses’ properties that were not properly addressed. Companies could also be sued by other companies if they feel that certain advertisements violate copyrights or slander people. These can create costly problems to fix and having insurance is important.

Basic commercial general liability coverage

One of the most common and comprehensive types of insurance for businesses is commercial general liability insurance (CGL). This insurance can cover damage caused to the property either owned or leased by the company. This could be caused by weather events, equipment or utilities failing, or negligence of employees that leads to damage. It also can provide protection for non-employees who are injured on the property by paying for medical bills and defending against lawsuits brought against the company. It can also provide coverage if the company is subject to a lawsuit due to certain advertisements or marketing that hurt competitors.

Commercial general liability insurance can be very important for businesses in the San Diego area. It can be very valuable, however, like other types of insurances, there can be exclusions and insurance companies may try to find ways to deny claims. When companies have an insurance claim denied, it can be very difficult, but there are situations where the claim should have never been denied. Experienced attorneys understand these insurance policies and may be able to help ensure insurance companies provide the proper coverage.