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Dry Cleaning Regulations

Three things dry cleaners should know about contamination liability

Frequently, owners and occupiers of dry cleaning businesses, or those who purchase a building currently or formerly used as a dry cleaning business, will have liability for cleaning up contamination caused by PERC/PCE. PERC/PCE is a colorless liquid that was used for years in dry cleaning and is considered toxic but will be phased out in California by 2023. The…

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Avoiding liability for dry-cleaning contamination

The dry-cleaning industry has come under scrutiny in recent years for groundwater contamination and pollution, resulting in many complex environmental laws and regulations involving dry-cleaning businesses. Understanding and complying with these laws can be challenging for owners of dry-cleaning businesses or property owners who rent to dry cleaning businesses. However, proactively acting to efficiently solve problems and taking steps to…

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Are you protected from liability for dry cleaning contamination?

Dry cleaning is a common business located in strip malls and retail centers throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. What you may not know is that when you get your suit pressed, it is possible that cleaning solvents from the dry cleaners are contaminating groundwater aquifers. If the dry cleaning business fails to carry appropriate insurance to cover…

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