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Legal Advice About Environmental Licenses And Permits

Many companies need environmental permits for various aspects of their daily operations; most businesses at one time or another will require a permit for a particular purpose. For comprehensive advice and client service with your environmental licensing and permitting needs, contact an experienced attorney at Tropea McMillan, LLP.

Your company’s responsibility for obtaining licenses or permits from a local, state or federal regulatory agency will depend primarily on the nature of your business. Most industrial operations will have continuing requirements for air quality, water quality and hazardous waste compliance. In California, your company’s Standard Industrial Classification Code will often serve as the starting point to identify the range of your permit application obligations.

How To Obtain A Necessary Environmental Permit

The lead agency for your permit application will often be a county or regional body, but state or federal authorities will usually get involved with applications that describe intensive or potentially hazardous uses or processes. The environmental law attorneys at Tropea McMillan, LLP, can guide you through every step of what can be an intricate process. Our familiarity with the specific regulations of agencies ranging from your local air quality control board to the federal EPA can help ensure that your application will be properly prepared and filed.

As part of our environmental counsel functions, we help clients obtain essential permits and licenses for such environmentally sensitive matters as the following:

  • Air pollution permits for point source emissions of known contaminants
  • Incineration permits
  • Hazardous materials storage or transportation permits and endorsements
  • Hazardous waste and NPDES disposal permits
  • Water rights permits
  • Underground storage tank permits
  • Wastewater discharge permits

Our lawyers also help resolve problems related to denial or delays in permit approval, transfer of environmental permits and licenses, community opposition to a particular use, or reporting requirements for unusual or accidental releases of pollutants into the ground, air or water.

Speak With An Experienced Attorney

Close attention to environmental permit and license issues from the very beginning can save your business time, money and exposure to liability. For additional information about our statewide environmental practice, get in contact with a knowledgeable attorney at Tropea McMillan, LLP. Call 866-780-4903.